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Mobile phone cameras have improved by leaps and bounds over a previous couple of years. And it’s not a surprise to ascertain people counting on their phones for shooting short films or YouTube, Tiktok, Instagram reels videos. Now, if you’re into mobile photography or videography, you’ll want to shop for an honest tripod to require those sharp, steady shots. Therefore, we’ve compiled an inventory of the five best tripods for mobile phones in India for various price bands and requirements.

Before we start with our mobile tripods list, do note that you simply can always use a daily camera or DSLR tripod together with your mobile. All you would like is an ideally sized mobile holder attachment for tripods with which you’ll mount your phone thereon. A number of the tripods mentioned below are often used with both phones and cameras.

Digitek DTR 200MT Mini tripod.


The budget mini tripod by Digitek can be used for capturing pictures, time-lapse, and of course, casual videos on your SMARTPHONES, DSLR, GO PRO. It gets a 360-degree rotating ball head, non-skid rubber foot for an extra steady grip, and comes bundled with a mobile holder.

The small size and lightweight form factor make it easy to hold anywhere. Plus, you’ll also use it with Go Pro and other lightweight cameras.

  • 360° panoramic rotation.
  • Ball head with 1/4inch screw connector
  • Push-button with five-segment. (extends legs)
  • Anti-skid rubber feet.
  • Max load 1 kg
  • Max height 200mm (7.87inch)
  • Min height 130mm (5.11inch)
  • Weight 141gram (very lightweight)

Photron stedy PHT550.


If you are looking for the best budget tripod with long-lasting and with almost feature then I will recommend this tripod if you are a beginner.

Photron stedy PRO 550 tripod is ideal for your traveling with lightweight, sturdy and compact.

This is a budget tripod the tilting, the panning, levelling, panorama 360° shot, everything is good but remember this is a budget tripod. You are not going to get a buttery smooth experience but I can say that for a beginner this is the perfect budget product and you should buy this now.

  • Max height- 1365mm
  • Max load capacity- 2.5kg
  • Net-weight- 580g
  • Non slip rubber feet.
  • Quick release plate with ¼’’ screw.
  • 4 section Aluminum legs with brace.
  • 3 way Panhead.

Kodak T212 Tripod.


The Kodak tripod T212 Tripod is an ideal tripod for amateurs and professionals, providing a perfect mix of stability with ease to use. Compact and lightweight design makes it easy to carry outdoor and ideal for travel users.

The build quality is very good for the price, legs are entirely made up of aluminum while the remaining parts are made up of high-quality plastic. The first thing I would like to mention is that it has got a special side handle so that you can easily hold it while carrying. really liked this feature.

  • Height- 157cm/62 inch (max)
  • Tripod Weight- 1.21kg
  • max load 3.5kg
  • Lightweight and easy to carry.
  • 3 section support with an exclusive finger handle.
  • 3-way pan movement
  • 3 section height adjustments.


image credit-digitek

This tripod is compact stable and portable. And is made up of a die-casted magnesium body.

Look when it comes to quality DIGITEK DTR 550 LW (lightweight) is up to mark.

Its non-slip rubber feet include THREE FLIP-UP LOCKS for adjusting the height of each leg in seconds, which works great even outdoor and as well as indoor. This tripod also allows for full panoramic possibilities with its 360° swivel function and is equipped with a bubblehead that will help you to level horizontally. This tripod is compatible with most video cameras, digital cameras, still cameras, GoPro devices, smartphone adapters, and scopes.

  • Tripod weight 1.2kg
  • Max load- 5kg
  • Max height- 1700mm (5.57feet)
  • Convenient accessories j hook. (Gives you more stability)
  • gear elevator handle to increase the height

Simpex VCT 880 Plus.


Simpex VCT 880 Plus is one of the simplest value for money tripods if you would like to shoot professional-looking videos together with your phone or camera. That’s because it comes with a fluid head, with which you’ll get those super-smooth pan & tilt shots with no jerks.

Besides, it’s a detachable quick-release clip, A level bubble, and may be used with heavy DSLRs and cameras if you propose to upgrade. To use it together with your phone, you’ll need to buy a further mobile holder attachment.

  • Working height: 5.45 feet
  • Max. Load: Up to 10Kg
  • Product Dimensions: 70 x 14 x 30 cm; 2.51 Kg.

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