Windows 11 all you should know!

windows 11.

Officially launched on 25-06-2021. Major changes are taskbar and start menu at center.
Now you can natively use Android Apps on your windows. Performance and power consumption is improved but the overall looks come with round and glassy look. Even you get snap layout features where you do multitasking easily. Don’t worry you are going to get all the information regarding windows 11. First I would like to say that if you have used windows x then windows 11 will be little bit common for you. But For new user this windows 11 is definitely a new version with the most relevant features.

windows 11 screenshot

windows 11 changes.

Microsoft says that they have simplified their design. This time Microsoft worked hard for their users and represented a minimal and simplified design. Yeah! we can say that this is a modern, fresh, simple, clean and beautiful window. The start button to taskbar, font, icon, startup sound, multitasking and android app everything is changed.



The new start menu with new interface focus on apps and file. on the top you will see
all the pinned apps like Microsoft edge, Microsoft word, Microsoft excel, Microsoft PowerPoint, Mail, calendar, Microsoft store, Photos, Settings, Office, Xbox, Solitaire, Spotify, Netflix, and so on.

Yeah! you can rearrange the apps according to your will by right click or just drag to move apps top or button or your desire place.

On top right corner you will get the option of all apps list and you can find whatever you want. On button you can see recommend apps for the first time but after using a couple of day you see will se recent apps or often used apps and files.
Incase you don’t like the centered taskbar then you can move it to the left like the old days. The start menu is also customizable you can turn on the most used apps and you can choose which folder you want to appear in the start menu and they’ll be available right next to the shutdown button.



Talking about icon yeah! you will see new icon everywhere for example file explorer, desktop,
downloads, documents, pictures, music, videos
and son on. The floating flyout design in the start menu and the search. Microsoft worked on cool amination.
The new minimize amination is next level. Apart from that windows 11 comes rounded corners although it is app, context menu, notification other UI elements basically its everywhere.
All the apps can be unpinned from taskbar unlike in windows 10 where you can only hide them.



Windows snap is better too in windows 11. Microsoft basically has brought fancy zone
from part or as if you used it into the OS with windows 11.
Now you can hover over maximize button get different split view option and this is available
in every single app and unlike windows 10 you will get more option than just your standard
split view. This is a good addition because this actually make windows snap way more
user friendly and actually usable.



Windows 11 brings widgets and shows weather, stocks scores, top stories and endless of

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